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Title and Objectives



Elected Officers

Meeting and Elections

Committees and Appointments

Duties of Standing Committees
Guide lines for Membership

Rules Governing Deportment of Members


Title and Objectives

  1. This association shall be known as the “NEW BEDFORD MASTER ELECTRICIANS ASSOCIATION, INC.” of Greater New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  2.  Here-in-after referred to as the “ASSOCIATION”.
  3. The primary objective of the ASSOCIATION shall be to further the advancement of the electrical industry.
  4. The objectives of this ASSOCIATION shall in no way infringe upon the rights of others, members or non-members
  5. These By-Laws cannot be amended except at the Annual Meeting unless a Special Meeting is called by the Board of Directors, whereby the Secretary shall notify all members in good standing at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the called Special Meeting, and members shall at that time vote on the proposed amendments. PROVIDING THAT A QUORUIM IS PRESENT.




  1. Full or voting membership in this ASSOCIATION may only be obtained through an application in writing and bearing the license number and signature of the applicant.
  2. No one shall be allowed membership in this ASSOCIATION unless he/she is the holder of a Master Electrician (Class “A”) or a Systems Contractor license (Class “C”) license or he/she has qualified to become an Associate member through an application in writing. (voted 1/11/2017)
  3. Anyone may request membership as an Associate member providing he/she meets the requirements for membership as listed in Article VII, Section 4, Membership Committee Rules for Associate members.
  4. The ASSOCIATION shall issue a paid-up dues receipt card to any applicant upon acceptance into the membership of this ASSOCIATION, only after the required dues and fees are paid.
  5. All applications presented to this ASSOCIATION will be placed in the hands of the Membership Committee for investigation. (See Membership Committee, Article VII, Section 4 A).
  6. Any person firm or corporation holding a Class “A” Master Electricians license or a Class “C” Systems Contractor license may become a member of the ASSOCIATION provided the person, firm of corporation shall upon acceptance to membership certify a person to represent them. (1/11/2017)
  7. An electrical contracting partnership, consisting of two (2) persons, one holding a Class “A” Master Electricians license, may join as two (2) members, but the non-master cannot hold office.
  8. Associate members shall not be allowed to hold an elective office in this ASSOCIATION and shall not have a vote, except through that Associate member who has been elected by the ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP at the Annual Meeting as their representative to the Board of Directors.




  1. The dues of this ASSOCIATION shall be subject to the decision of the Board of Directors at their October meeting, and shall be payable within 30 days from the first day of January of each year. the fee decided upon by the Board of Directors shall be voted upon and approved by the voting members at the Annual Meeting, before it becomes effective.
  2. Members of the ASSOCIATION shall be advised of their arrears of dues, and upon notice by the Secretary or Treasurer, shall after thirty (30) days in the arrears be dropped from the rolls of the ASSOCIATION without further notification.
  3. Any member in good standing may request withdrawal from this ASSOCIATION, where upon the Secretary shall give written notice of such, and also making note of the same in the records book.  The member may at a later date present application foe reinstatement, to the Board of Directors, and without penalties, be reinstated after paying the current years dues in advance.
  4. A former member who was not in good standing, shall be reinstated only after paying one year’[s dues in advance plus the present years dues, and will be accepted only after the prescribed membership procedures have been met.
  5. A member retiring from business, may at the discretion of the ASSOCIATION be given LIFE MEMBERSHIP in the ASSOCIATION, but shall have this privilege rescinded if he/she returns to work or business and shall be returned to the paying member status and be required to pay dues. (Life membership may be given to a member with at least ten concurrent years in good standing and a minimum of 67 years of age, at the discretion of the ASSOCIATION).
  6. The treasury balance shall not be allowed to drop below $1000.00. Any expense that would drop this balance below $1000.00 would require a two-thirds vote of the members present to do so. This sum of $1000.00 shall be deposited in a savings bank for this ASSOCIATION.



Elected Officers


  1. The elected officers of this ASSOCIATION shall be:
            • President
            • Vice President
            • Secretary
            • Treasurer
            • Six (6) Board of Directors 
              •  Four to be elected each year from the voting membership
              • The Fifth member of the Board shall be the outgoing president who shall serve for one year. When the president runs for and is elected to another term, five (5) directors shall be elected from the voting membership.
              • the Sixth member of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Associate membership to represent them on the Board of Directors.
              • Whenever the voting membership of the ASSOCIATION shall exceed 40 members, one additional member of the Board of Directors shall be elected for each additional 10 members giving a ratio of 1:10. - Whenever the Associate membership shall exceed 20 members, one additional member to the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Associate membership for each additional 10 members but this number shall never exceed three (3). - The officers of the ASSOCIATION shall be elected for a minimum of one (1) year and shall be elected at the Annual meeting. – The elected officers shall assume their duties upon being elected to their respective offices.



  1. The President shall preside of all meetings of the ASSOCIATION; Quarterly, Board of Directors, Special, and the Annual Meeting.
  2. The President shall assure strict order and decorum at all meetings and shall promptly have removed from the meeting room, any member who disturbs the harmony of the meeting.
  3. The President shall have the deciding vote in the case of a tie vote.
  4. The President shall appoint all committees and shall act as an xofficio member of all committees, He shall see that all committees perform the duties assigned to them within reasonable amount of time. He shall promptly discharge any committee not preforming their duties, and shall appoint another.
  5. He shall appoint three (3) members to the fiance Committee, who shall audit the books and the accounts of the ASSOCIATION for the financial standing of the ASSOCIATION. (Se ARTICLE VII Section 1)
  6. He shall appoint the following committees within thirty (30) days after assuming office; Membership Committee, Health and Welfare Committee, Grievance Committee.
  7. He shall appoint a Nomination Committee at the September Quarterly Meeting.
  8. He shall appoint other committees deemed necessary by him during his term and shall inform the Board of directors of their appointment.
  9. He shall see that all funds of the ASSOCIATION are deposited in a reputable bank or banks in the name of the ASSOCIATION, subject to withdrawal by check and signed in the name of the ASSOCIATION by the Treasures and/or President of the ASSOCIATION.
  10. He shall make a report of his activities during his term at the Annual Meeting of the ASSOCIATION.


  1. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence for any meeting called by the President for a schedule meeting of the ASSOCIATION where the President cannot attend.
  2. The Vice President shall be the chairman of the Entertainment Committee and shall see to the arrangements of all quarterly meetings and other such affairs that the ASSOCIATION shall assign to the Entertainment Committee.



  1. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the ASSOCIATION’s funds and shall see that they are deposited in the proper bank(s) upon receipt.
  2. The treasurer shall disburse such funds as the ASSOCIATION may direct and shall do so by the means directed.
  3. He shall present to the Finance Committee or the Accountant hired the standings of the ASSOCIATION, showing balances, receipts, and disbarment’s at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, and shall upon request of the Finance Committee, present himself and the financial records of the ASSOCIATION to them, for auditing.
  4. He shall issue all cards to members and shall be especially watchful to see that no member loses his membership for failure on his part to notify them of their indebtedness to the ASSOCIATION.
  5. The Treasurer shall not be required to carry a bond for the performance of his duties.



  1. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a clear and accurate account of the happenings of the ASSOCIATION. He shall carefully record each and every motion before the ASSOCIATION and shall record all points of order and appeal whether sustained or lost, excepting those that were withdrawn.
  2. He shall answer all communications as directed by the ASSOCIATION.
  3. He shall issue all notices required for the activities of the ASSOCIATION.
  4. He shall carefully record the names of all members of committees and shall notify them of their appointment.
  5. The Secretary shall always have a copy of the by-laws with him and shall read the minutes of the previous meetings as directed by the President.
  6. Order of the minutes:
    • Dates, Places and Time of Meeting.
    • Type of meting: Special, Annual, Quarterly, or Board of Directors.
    • Officers in attendance
    • Reading of the Previous Record
    • Reading of the Treasurers report
    • Old Business
    • Committee Reports
    • New Business
    • Report on members who are ill.
    • Special Events: Guest Speaker(s) etc.
    • Closing of the Meeting
    • Date, Location and time of next Meeting.



The officers of the ASSOCIATION shall serve without remuneration or compensation with the exception of the Secretary, and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer will receive $100.00 annually.


The Board of Directors shall be comprised of four(4) elected members and the elected officers of the ASSOCIATION and one (1) Associate member elected by the Associate membership as their representative (See ARTICLE IV Section 1a). the retiring President shall automatically become a member of the board following his term as President and shall serve for one year (See ART IV sec 1a)


  1. The Board of Directors shall have full power and the authority to manage the affairs of the ASSOCIATION and shall actually prosecute its objectives, subject to the instructions that may be given by vote of the ASSOCIATION at a meeting.
  2. They shall have all the power usually invested in a Board of Directors of a business.



Meeting and Elections


  1. Meetings General – The ASSOCIATION shall conduct four (4) general meetings each year, one of which will be the Annual Meeting in January, and one will be the Annual Christmas Party in December. These meetings may be proceeded by a dinner and also may include entertainment and/or instructive speakers.
  2. Meeting Annual – The Annual Meeting of this ASSOCIATION shall be in the month of January, which will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of that month.
  3. Meetings Special – A special meeting may be called by the Board of Directors whenever necessary, but such Special Meeting shall be in addition to a regular quarterly meeting. A dinner may be served at a special meeting, (Dutch treat). No other business other than that for which the meeting was called shall be conducted at any special meeting.
  4. Meetings, Board of Directors – The Board shall hold monthly meetings to conduct the necessary business of the ASSOCIATION. These meetings will be held on the second or third Wednesday of each month, at such locations as the Vice President shall direct, and at the discretion of the board.  All members of the ASSOCIATION may attend these meetings.
  5. Quorum: - Seven (7) members shall be present to constitute a quorum for conducting a meeting requiring the expenditure of funds. Five (5) members may constitute a quorum for general business.
  6. Elections: – All elections shall be held by secret ballot at the annual meeting. The elected officers shall serve one year from the second Wednesday of January until the next election and installation.  No member shall be elected to any office unless he has been a member in good standing for one year.
  7. Business: – The business of a scheduled meeting may be dispensed with by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors if the Board at that time deems it necessary because of some special event.



Committees and Appointments

  1. Standing committees: – A standing committee shall be any committee appointed by the president at the beginning of his term and so stated as a Standing Committee. Standing committees shall be appointed for:
    • Finance Committee           -   3 members
    • Grievance Committee          -   3 members
    • Health & Welfare                -    1 member
    • Membership Committee     -    3 members
  2. Special Committees: – A special Committee may be appointed by the President for any specific function of the ASSOCIATION not covered by a Standing Committee. These committees shall perform their duties in the best interest of the ASSOCIATION, and shall be relieved of their duties at the completion of their function.  
  3. Nomination Committee: – the President shall appoint a Nomination Committee in the month of September. This committee of three (3) will present a slate of officers for the coming year and shall conduct the balloting at the Annual Meeting, making the results known to the President who shall announce the results of the election.



Duties of Standing Committees

  1. Finance Committee: – The members of the Finance Committee, and/or a Certified Public Accountant , shall audit the books of the Treasurer prior to the Annual Meeting but not more than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting. The record copy of the Treasurers Report shall be counter signed by the Finance committee members at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Grievance Committee: – The members of the Grievance Committee shall meet to decide on any grievance placed before them by the ASSOCIATION. Any grievance placed before them shall be in writing and shall be acted upon within thirty (30) days. The committee shall make a complete written report to the Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.  the board shall then ask the Secretary to inform the persons making the grievance of the findings.
  3. Health and Welfare Committee: – The members of this committee shall have a varied number of functions for the ASSOCIATION.  He/she shall send out get well cards to persons connected with the ASSOCIATION or such that the ASSOCIATION may direct, for its members.
  4. Membership Committee: – The membership Committee shall investigate all application to membership in the ASSOCIATION.  They shall insure the character of the applicant to be outstanding.  They shall report to the Board of Directors, their findings and shall, if approved by them, sign the application.
  5. Investigation Procedure for membership: 
    • The Membership Committee shall abide by the By-Laws of this ASSOCIATION when approving anyone for membership
    • The Membership Committee will to the best of their ability judge the applicant to be of good character.
    • the Membership Committee will, if necessary, hold up the application of any applicant that may be questionable to them and present the application to the Board of Directors for advisory.
  6. Rules for accepting applicants for Associate Membership:
    • Anyone who is currently active in the electrical industry and has beneficial to this ASSOCIATION may request membership as an Associate member. This rule is not to be construed to mean that just anyone may join as an Associate member, but instead is intended to mean that those persons who have aided or assisted this ASSOCIATION and desire membership, may do so as an Associate member providing they meet the requirement under “Guide Lines for Associate Membership”.

Guide Lines for Associate Membership

        • Inspectors of Wires or Assistants
        • Vocational School Instructors
        • Utility Company Management personnel in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Metering or Power Sales
        • Foremen of electrical contracting firms
        • Wholesalers or their representative
        • Electrical manufacturing firms or their representative
        • Local Electrical Union Business representative
        • Anyone deemed worthy of membership by the ASSOCIATION



Rules governing deportment of members

  1. No member shall conduct their self in any manner that will bring disgrace or ridicule to either their self or the ASSOCIATION without being subject to the penalties of dismissal and the financial responsibilities for his actions.
  2. Any member who deports himself/herself in such a manner as to disturb the decorum and harmony of the meeting, shall by direction of the President, remove himself/herself from the meeting room and continued abuse of this rule shall be subject to dismissal from the ASSOCIATION.
  3. Any member dismissed from this ASSOCIATION because of misconduct may present their case to the Grievance Committee for review. The Grievance Committee shall render a decision and this decision shall be final.
  4. Reservations must be made by any member wishing to attend any dinner meeting sponsored by the ASSOCIATION. No reservations shall be honored later than the date specified in the notice of the meeting.
  5. members making reservations and not attending will be required to pay the assessment for this reservation. The same applies if a member is allowed to bring guests. reservations made, may only be cancelled at the discretion of the Board of directors.













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